Hamilton City fire truck totalled in fatal collision

HAMILTON CITY, Calif. - The Hamilton City Fire Department is regrouping how they assign their equipment after one of their fire trucks was totalled in a collision on Highway 32 Monday.

The driver killed in the head-on crash is George Akers, 65 of Vina.  

Akers was driving a Ford Ranger pickup westbound on Highway 32 from Chico toward Hamilton City.  The CHP said he swerved into the oncoming lane near Hamilton Nord/Cana Highway, and collided with the fire truck.

Mario Medrano was driving the fire truck, he was not injured.

The fire engine was totalled.  Hamilton City Fire Chief Dave James said it's the department's most used engine.

"Type 6 is normally built up for wildland fires and things like that, fast attack, but because of the cabinet space it was also our rescue.  It was our work horse," said James.   "We used this engine more than any other of the trucks combined."

The truck has been in the fleet for the last 11 years.  This type of engine costs $175,000 brand new.    Chief James said there is plenty of equipment to protect the city.

He said there are five engines ready to go.

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