Hatchery opens after shutdown

ANDERSON, Calif. - The Coleman National Fish Hatchery has reopened after the 16-day-long government shutdown.

The gates to the free complex welcomed back busloads of students this morning.

Scott Hamelberg, the hatchery's project leader, says everyone was thrilled the students were allowed to come back.

"Today we had about 200 school kids come through the facility and it was really nice to have the gates open again. Our volunteers and friends group were out to tour them around. We had spawning operations underway so it feels like we're getting back to normal," says Hamelberg.

During the month of October, the hatchery sees more than 5,000 children come through.

The 23rd annual Return of the Salmon Festival was scheduled to be held at the Coleman National Fish Hatchery.

That event was cancelled because of the government shutdown.

The hatchery will be open to visitors this Saturday.

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