Hayfork Youth Center target of burglary

HAYFORK, Calif. - The Hayfork Youth Center has been burglarized twice in the last three months.

The center provides a safe place for activities for the youth in the Hayfork area.

The first time the center was broken into was back in May when someone broke a window and made off with video game equipment, among many other things.

Since that break-in a new light was donated to help illuminate the area and hopefully ward off potential burglars but over the Fourth of July weekend the center was hit again.

"I wanna go throttle somebody but I don't know who. It's so unnerving for one thing," said program director Alsah Bundi.

Bundi is disappointed and frustrated about the ordeal.

On Friday, July 11, the center is cleaned up but the items recently taken have yet to be replaced.

"How many times when we can't afford to replace things anymore?" asked Bundi.

Youth center coordinator Kathy Johnson, explained what she saw when she returned from the holiday.

"I was really disappointed because as soon as I opened the door I could see there was trash dumped all over the floor."

The burglars threw a large piece of cement through one of the buildings windows.

They stole more than $2,000 in items including an XBox, Playstation, two laptops, a large bean bag chair and many more items.

"Most of the items were donated so we don't have the money to replace them," said Johnson.

Johnson and Bundi said it's sad because the burglars are not just stealing from the youth but from the community too, since the majority of items in the center are donated.

But despite it all, Johnson said the center is trying to stay positive and hopefully learn a lesson from the experience.

"Well we're teaching the kids resilience too so we'll just move on and we've already had several of the youth who came yesterday brought their game system with them to share with the others and not leave it here."

Anyone with information should contact the Trinity County Sheriff's Department.

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