Hazardous Redding redwoods chopped down, lumber donated

REDDING, Calif. - A pair of redwoods was removed from a Redding backyard Saturday. The homeowner said the trees are at least coming down for a good cause.

The tall trunks had been in the same place on the corner of Placer St. and Sequoia St. since about 1950. They grew to about 100 feet tall and five feet in diameter.

Daniel Fehr has lived at the house for 23 years. He said as the pair of redwoods got older the branches became frailer.

He contacted the city of Redding. They marked the trees as an official hazard and spent Saturday removing them.

Fehr said the lumber will be donated to Shasta College, which was an important factor in his decision.

"Otherwise what would've happened is it would have gotten ground up as compost, which is okay too," said Fehr. "But I would prefer to have the redwood trunk milled up into usable products."

The Shasta College truck was there Saturday ready for the delivery.

"Shasta College is basically a non-profit and the students can learn from the use of the mill and also make products out of it," said Fehr.

Fehr said the redwood branches had become a hazard for everything in the area including cars, fences, and power lines.

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