Health experts: tobacco usage double in rural communities

Health experts: tobacco usage double in rural communities

CHICO, Calif. - A number of public health agencies met at Enloe Medical Center's Conference Center in Chico Wednesday to discuss the poor health choices many people make here in the Northstate.

The meeting touched on the amount of tobacco use, alcohol and fatty foods that are sold here in the Northstate.

Public health agencies from Butte, Shasta, Tehama, Modoc, Siskiyou, Plumas, Sierra, Trinity and Glenn Counties reviewed the research they did on the poor health choices people make.

The group is called Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community.

According to health experts, the amount of tobacco use is double in rural communities compared to those in metropolitan communities in California.

They also point out that nearly 67 percent of Northstate stores have unhealthy exterior advertising making it easy to make that decision.

"There's not any good reason why people should be using tobacco products at higher rates. They are, and they are suffering and dying at higher rates because of that," said Dr. Mark Lundberg, Butte County health officer.

Health experts also discussed how easy it is to get tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy food choices versus finding some healthier options.

Now if you would like to check for stats on where you live, you can visit the Healthy Stores for Healthy Community's website.

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