Homeowner plans to leave Redding after attack

REDDING, Calif. - A woman is in jail after police say she trespassed then tried to stab a homeowner several times with an ice pick. This incident happened around midnight on the 600 block of Loma Street in Redding.

According to the Redding Police Department the woman was 27-year-old, transient Britnee Kemp. Kemp allegedly attacked Leon Devoid, 67, after he tried to stop her from smashing the window of his home.

Police said Devoid didn't know Kemp and had told her to leave the property after she knocked on his door.

We spoke with Devoid today. He declined to go on camera but said he has seen the transient population grow tremendously in the Redding area.

Devoid said  Kemp didn't leave and tried throwing a concrete brick through the window. Then Kemp tried stabbing Devoid with an ice pick, threatening to kill him, which is why Devoid had to hold Kemp down. While he held her down she bit him on the chest.

Devoid said he's grown tired of the issues with transients in the Redding area and will be moving out of town.


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