How to survive deep frying your turkey

HAPPY VALLEY, Calif. - With Thanksgiving only three days away it's time to start planning how to cook the turkey.

The classic option is to roast the turkey in your oven, but another option is to deep fry the bird.

National Fire Protection Agency says that fires caused by deep frying a turkey cause over $15 million in damages every year.

A quick YouTube search turns up hundreds of videos of giant fireballs caused by turkey fryers.

Fire officials say the best thing to do is fry your turkey away from any structures.

This year will be especially dangerous because it's still so dry.

That means that any fires started have the potential to spread very quickly even if it's chilly out.

Siskiyou Fire officials have a few easy tips to keep your property safe this Thanksgiving.

They recommend keeping the fryer a safe distance from any structures, that means off the deck and out of the garage.

They also say to keep children away from the cook pot while the oil is hot.  Any oil splashing out can cause serious burns and the oil stays hot for a long time after the cooking is done.

They also implore Thanksgiving chefs to thaw their turkeys before dunking them in the oil.

Frozen turkeys will cause a very energetic reaction with the oil, which will cause more oil to bubble out of the pot, potentially causing a much larger fire.

Finally fire officials say it's very important to have a fire extinguisher on hand just in case.  That's especially important since water spreads grease fires.

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