Hundreds Attend Redding Police Town Hall Meeting

Close to three hundred people filled the Redding City Council Chambers for the Redding Police Department's town hall meeting on Wednesday evening.

In the first town hall meeting of the year, Chief Rob Paoletti talked about a variety of issues including gangs, marijuana and a rise in property crimes.  He specifically emphasized a proactive approach on fighting the problems plaguing the community.

Chief Paoletti addressed the growing problem with marijuana in the area, in 2012 575 pounds of marijuana were seized as well as 322 marijuana plants.  Property crimes saw the highest numbers, 2,700 were theft and about 1,200 of the thefts included stealing from motor vehicles.

In addition Chief Paoletti highlighted many of the departments' achievements including their problem-oriented-policing where they started more than 50 projects last year.  He also thanked the community for their effort, about 15,000 hours from volunteers were donated to fight crime and 56 tons of waste was removed by volunteer clean-ups.

Some goals for the upcoming year include crime prevention and increased volunteerism.  Chief Paoletti says he'll hold at least three more town hall meetings in 2013.


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