Impact Teen Drivers visits Los Molinos students

LOS MOLINOS,Calif - Distracted driving can come in many forms. Tehama County CHP along with Impact Teen Drivers brought an important safety message to students in Los Molinos.

Impact Teen Drivers was started in 2007 not only because of how much they were seeing distracted driving but also the young lives lost as a result.

Leeana Clegg's son, Hunter was a passenger in a car driven by a 17-year-old with a provisional license. Clegg said they were on a winding road, the driver lost control and hit a tree. Clegg's son was killed instantly.

"I was an extremely involved parent and I never talked to my son at the age of 14 about the dangers of wreck less and distracted driving," said Clegg.

Which is why now Clegg and the CHP visit schools across the area to warn students about the dangers of texting and driving and other distractions that can be deadly.

"Yes, I do text and drive and I have swerved now it makes me wanna be more responsible," said Los Molinos High School student Wyatt Spencer.

"If I would have done that he would likely be alive today," said Clegg. "So now I can share my son's story in the hope that other teens will understand the possible consequences."

The presentation not only included real life stories but also statistics and tips on how to be cautious when on the road and reminded students that their first 12 months of driving are the most dangerous.

"It shows how fast something can happen and makes a difference in a lot of people's lives," Jesse Dodero said.

"I want teens to understand how simple decisions they make inside of cars can truly change their lives forever," said Clegg.

Any schools can request presentations. Workshops for parents are also available.

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