Injured Soldier Returns from Afghanistan

REDDING, Calif. - A soldier came back home to his family this week after serving overseas. Sgt. Joe Lewallen was hurt in Afghanistan and is now being treated in California.

He has not seen his family in about a year and is now able to come home for about a week.

His four-year-old daughter, Gracie Lewallen, has been waiting to see her father for a long time. She said she knows he is hurt and said she is ready to take care of him.

"I want to hug him and kiss him and be really careful because he has a hurt shoulder inside," said Gracie Lewallen.

Gracie also said she knows her dad will need a lot of tender loving care and she is ready to be help him in anyway that she can.

"I will be really careful around him and take care of him and give him lots of water and feed him,"said Gracie.

The family has had a hard time not having him home and they say it's the little things they miss the most.

"I cannot believe that this day actually came around this morning I was like wow I'm actually gonna pick him up today!" said Lewallen's wife, Tisha.

For Joe, getting off that airplane he said was like a dream come true.

"I've been thinking about this day since the day I left," Joe said. "I talk to Tish everyday."

Lewallen was supposed to be back with the group of the 120 members of the National Guard's 132nd Multi-Role Bridge Company that came back from Afghanistan about a month ago.

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