Insuring your World Cup party

CHICO, Calif. - The best soccer players in the world are on the pitch right now in the World Cup.

Most people like to have friends and family over to watch the games, but did you know you can be liable for your guests if they get hurt?

According to a Chico, State Farm Insurance agent you are responsible for anyone's safety and health that you invite to your home.

It's not a common occurrence for friends to file lawsuits, but if they get hurt it's better to be safe than sorry.

If someone falls on a step or a couple of your guests get into a fight, they can file a lawsuit for their injuries.

"Somebody can trip and fall, your potato salad can be a little bad and someone can get a stomach ache," said State Farm Insurance Agent, Tracy Martin. "The worst thing is that say you're watching the game and someone falls in the pool. So there are a lot of risks involved."

It's best advised to check your home owner's insurance policy for liability coverage. If you rent, you can spring for renters insurance and get the liability coverage as well.

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