iPads making a difference for Redding firefighters

REDDING, Calif. - Redding firefighters recently received a $6,000 grant from AAA to purchase nine iPads.  Redding firefighters in station 5 have been using them for about three months and said they have noticed a difference, specifically when it comes to response times.

For years, stations in Redding have used binders with crucial information about the locations they respond to in an emergency. But now, thanks to the AAA grant, each Redding fire station has an iPad.

Redding firefighter engineer Mike Ham said it's making their job easier.

"If we do get a dispatch it's gonna come right to the iPad and were gonna be able to bring it up on the iPad and go right to iMaps," Ham said.

The City of Redding designed a map program which allows firefighters to see where they are going and what's around there. The program saves the firefighters a lot of time compared to flipping pages in their binder.

"If we can save time in our response it provides a better service to the public," said Ham.

Redding firefighters also use the iPads to take pictures which can help in an investigation . It also provides them with more information.

"Current locations, city boundaries, [mutual threat zone] response," said Ham. "If something goes wrong on that day and we have to use the iPad were gonna be able to get there quicker."

And even though technology is making a big difference, Redding Fire said they know it can fail which is why they will always have a back-up.

"The books will always be in the engine in some form or another, some capacity or another," Ham said.

The grant totaled about $6,000 and the fire department said  they're very appreciative of the grant.

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