Swiss grocery chain to offer bug burgers

Mealworms main ingredient in new product

Switzerland's second-largest supermarket chain, Coop, will stock its shelves with burger patties and meatballs made from insects, according to Bloomberg.

The beef-alternative patties are made from mealworms, rice and various vegetables and spices, and are expected to be available starting August 21.

"These products are perfectly suited for those who want to learn about the culinary diversity of insects," Coop procurement manager Silvio Baselgia said.

The mealworm patties will be $9.24 for a pack of two, and the meatballs will be the same price for a pack of 10. Select stores across Switzerland will be the first to carry the new product, and they will also be available to order online.

Coop has been working with Swiss company Essento, which breeds the mealworms, to bring the meat substitute to stores. Coop said it plans to offer a wider selection of edible insects by the end of the year.

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