Johnny's Cathouse closing creates new opportunities

REDDING,Calif. - Johnny's Cathouse in Redding will close in early December, following an investigation by the State's Alcoholic Beverage Control Department. Sugar Pine Media in Redding has an idea to help minimize the blow from losing this local business.

Sugar Pine Media wants to help a community oriented business to open where Johnny's stands now and they're willing to offer free marketing to the right business.
The hope is to help downtown's reputation, whether it's a restaurant or a clothing store.

There are certain criteria for businesses to qualify:

They must be an accepting environment for all ages and interests. They must share the goal of working together with downtown businesses to improve downtown, and be a business Redding can be proud of.

"We saw this as an opportunity to improve downtown for one entrepreneur with new ideas. They can come in and create a new business that makes even more jobs because if they foster an open and accepting environment, I think they'll see a whole new crowd of young professionals that haven't gone out before," said Rocky Slaughter, co-founder and CEO of Sugar Pine Media.

For more information contact Sugar Pine Media at (530) 241-3737 or

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