Jukebox Music Festival Contractors Left High & Dry

ANDERSON, Calif. - UPDATE: After the following story was published, Allan Folino called the KRCR News Channel 7 Newsroom to say a check was written for Margot Stewart. Folino also said he's awaiting an invoice from Kevin Rock so he can be compensated.

It wasn't just festival goers, vendors and performers that left the Jukebox Music Festival empty handed.  A group of individual contractors brought in to assist Entertainment Group, Inc. claim they weren't compensated for several months of work. Entertainment Group, Inc. is owned by Allan Folino.

The group of contractors include Jeff Allen, Kevin Rock, and Margot Stewart.

KRCR News Channel 7 spoke with Margot Stewart, a freelance marketing and public relations consultant. Stewart said she worked for four months and didn't received a single penny from Folino. She says she gave up other work to help put on the Festival.

Stewart says Kevin Rock, who assumed several roles before becoming Production Manager, worked for five months without pay.

Jeff Allen, a seasoned entertainment producer with ties to Northern California, acted to secure the initial $112,000 dollars that the promoter paid to Alan Jackson - the first of two installments.  Jackson's headliner performance, set for Sunday, was cancelled when the remaining $112,000 wasn't delivered, as per the contract.

The group of workers claims there was no formal management team in place and all decisions, including the one to shut down the festival on Sunday, were ultimately made by the CEO of the Entertainment Group, Inc., Allan Folino.

KRCR News Channel 7 made several attempts to contact Allan Folino,Tuesday, but his message box was full.

Folino told KRCR News Channel 7 that he anticipated a much higher turnout of walk-up ticket buyers for the event, and that is why he didn't have the remaining money to pay Jackson for his performance.  Folino blamed media coverage of Jackson cancelling a show in Los Angeles due to illness on Friday for the low ticket sales.

For fans who had tickets for Sunday's show in Anderson, Jackson has offered to honor those tickets at his show in Stockton on Friday, July 27th.

A decision to file a lawsuit has been considered by the individual group, but no decision has been made at this time.

Stay tuned to KRCR News Channel 7 and for new developments.

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