Jurors to deliberate on former councilwoman accused of fraud

Dolores Lucero's fate in the hands of the jury

REDDING, Calif. - Final arguments are finished in the trial of recalled City of Shasta Lake council member Dolores Lucero.

Now Dolores Lucero's fate rests in the hands of the jury.

Lucero is accused of purposely committing voter fraud.

Prosecutor Brandon Storment cited several instances in court Wednesday where witnesses who live in the City of Shasta Lake signed declarations, saying recall backer Kay Kobe was alone when they signed the papers.

It's a violation of code because Kobe does not live in the city.

Under oath, those same witnesses denied that, but they also said they didn't read the paper because they trusted what Lucero said was on it.

Lucero's attorney Aaron Williams countered that the declaration was written by Lucero's former attorney from Southern California, who didn't know what was on the paper.

Williams also said Lucero was unpopular, and Sheriff Tom Bosenko and District Attorney Steve Carlton had personal reasons to charge her with a felony.

Lucero is back in court on July 10.

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