Keeping your kids safe in the water

In an effort to keep children safe, Butte County Public Health is reminding parents to keep a close eye on their children when they are in the water.

Drowning is silent, as there is no splash or scream when someone succumbs to water and toddlers are inquisitive and can put themselves in dangerous situations.

The 'water watcher' method is the safest way to protect a child from danger in the water.

"We try to reiterate to parents here that floatation devices like life vests and wings and floaties are not very safe for a substitute for attention to your child," said Pleasant Valley Pool lifeguard Matt Gregg.  "Life vests are important if you're on a lake or you're on a boat. But giving them a life vest so you don't have to watch them is not the safest idea."

Parents should also know that drowning can occur in as little as one inch of water.

Additional summer safety tips can be found on line at

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