KRCR experiencing technical issues caused by severe weather

REDDING, Calif. - Update 5/10/2017: The KRCR Engineering team and crews went back up onto Shasta Bally Wednesday and all needed repairs have been made. All customers should have their service back. If you find you're still not receiving our channel, please try rescanning your television set. 


Update 5/5/2017: The KRCR Engineering team was back up on Shasta Bally Friday and were able to make the repairs needed to get our antenna signal up to 80 percent. Most, if not all, antenna customers should now be receiving our signal. If you find you do not have our signal, please try rescanning your television set. 

Our crews will be back up on Shasta Bally again next week to make the remaining necessary repairs to get our signal up to 100 percent. This may mean customers will lose television for a period of time while the repairs are being made. Please continue to check back for updates as we will post information here once we have a better idea as to when we will be going back up to Shasta Bally. 


Updated 5/4/2017: The KRCR Engineering team was back on Shasta Bally Thursday but were unable to get the antenna back in working order. The team will go back up Friday to continue work on the transmitter. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Update 5/3/2017: The KRCR Engineering team and a crew are back up on Shasta Bally continuing to repair the tower. Crews will be shutting off the power again Wednesday which means all customers except for Charter customers will lose our channels. Crews will be restoring power to the antenna by Wednesday afternoon. 

Some viewers may need to rescan their television sets to get our channel again. 


Update 5/2/2017: The KRCR Engineering team and a crew are making repairs to the tower Tuesday that will cause an outage for all customers except for Charter customers. Crews are optimistic that the work done Tuesday will bring our signal up to 80 percent. Crews will be restoring power to the antennas by Tuesday afternoon. 

Some viewers may need to rescan their television sets to get our channel again. 


Update 4/26/2017: The KRCR Engineering team has made repairs to the antenna and viewership should be restored for most viewers with the exception of some outlining areas. Early next week, the KRCR Engineering team and tower crews will continue to work to replace the transmission lines on the tower. 

Crews are optimistic that this will restore full power and normal operations to KRCR. Some viewers may need to rescan their television sets. 

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your patience while we work to finish repairs. 


Update 4/24/2017: According to the KRCR Engineering team, crews went up to Shasta Bally on Saturday, April 22, and were able to make the repairs needed to the antenna but crews said transmission lines need to be replaced in order for our antenna to be back up to full power. Some outlying areas may still be affected as the antenna is not running with full power at this time. 

Due to the incoming storms, crews hope to get back up onto Shasta Bally once weather permits. We appreciate your patience as we work to repair our antenna as soon as possible. 


Update 4/21/2017: The KRCR Engineering team will be worked on the antenna Saturday, April 21.

While making the repairs, crews will be shutting down power for several hours while they climb the towers to make the repairs caused by ice several weeks ago. They plan to shut the power off between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. 

All customers will be affected except for Charter customers.

Viewers may need to rescan their sets to receive our channel. Our engineers believe that viewership should be restored to most over the air viewers. 


Update 4/14/2017: The KRCR Engineering team went to the tower on Friday, but due to ice still on the tower, they were unable to make repairs. 

The tower will stay at a level of reduced power for the time being.

As soon as weather allows the team will make another attempt to repair the tower.  


Update 4/4/2017: According to the KRCR Engineering team, the parts needed to fix the antenna have been manufactured and KRCR is awaiting their arrival. 

Engineers said once the parts arrive, plans to go up and repair the antenna will be made depending on crew availability and the weather. 


KRCR News Channel 7 is currently having technical issues and our over the air signals may be interrupted.

On Friday, March 10, tower crews inspected damage to the tower caused by severe icing.

On Tuesday, March 14, tower crews made temporary repairs to the damaged antenna. The antenna is now operating at reduced power due to the weather-related damage.

New equipment will be manufactured and put into service as soon as possible. Loss of service will only affect some users who receive our station over the air.

Viewers who get our station through cable, Dish, or DirecTV should not have issues. Many of our viewers will be able to pick up our backup signal.

We ask that if you are currently not receiving KRCR to try rescanning your TV to see if you can pick up the signal.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing you and appreciate your patience.

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