LaMalfa frustrated with House rejection of Farm Bill

LaMalfa disappointed with failed vote of Farm Bill

REDDING, Calif. - The United States House of Representatives has rejected a major Farm Bill.

It fell short of the needed totals in Washington, D.C. on Thursday.

The bill failed 195-234 on the House floor after two days of debate and votes on over 100 amendments.

"I am disappointed in the vote," said Northstate Congressman Doug LaMalfa. "The bill eliminated direct subsidy payments, included a hard cap on total costs to taxpayers, and brought accountability and modernization into both the farm and food stamp programs."

The bill got "NO" votes from both Democrats and Republicans.

It is a five-year, $940-billion measure that was first brought up last year. However, it never made it to the floor.

Representative LaMalfa was just one of many legislators disappointed with Thursday's vote.

Some lawmakers, on both sides of the aisle, said the bill did not cut enough from the food stamp program. It plays a large part in this legislation, and LaMalfa said it could be the biggest hurdle moving forward.

"We thought we did a pretty good job of modernizing these aspects and not being ‘draconian'", LaMalfa told us by phone. "So the next iteration could be, perhaps, one that might be even more drastic in order to pick up more Republican votes."

The Obama Administration said it would not accept the bill. They say it cuts too much from the program, and does not overhaul crop insurance and farm subsidies.

The current Farm Bill extension will expire in September, as the House looks to further amend the legislation before a re-vote.

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