Lassen Volcanic National Park gives tour of the burn area left by the 2012 Reading fire

MINERAL, Calif. - Lassen Volcanic National Park has begun its natural process of regeneration following last summer's Reading fire.

The fire began in the wilderness near Reading Peak on July 24 of last year. The park took us on a tour of the burn area on Tuesday and they said they want people to see the effects of the fire.

Park rangers said that this year, they are doing everything they can to reduce any hazardous dry brush that could fuel wildfires.

"We're seeing pretty good regeneration in areas we thought we were going to get it," said Lassen's Fire Management Officer Eric Hensel. "There are some areas of higher intensity that are going to take a little bit longer to regenerate, it's pretty typical of a fire like this."

The Reading fire was initially a controlled burn that grew too quickly, destroying 28,079 acres of land.

It was eventually contained on Aug. 22, 2012.

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