Law enforcement increasing staff for 4th of July

OROVILLE, Calif. - Butte County law enforcement will be out in full force on the water for the Fourth of July holiday.

The sheriff's office is taking part in the national campaign, Operation Dry Water, a movement to educate the dangers of mixing alcohol and boating.

Deputies were patrolling the forebay in Oroville and pulled over 200 vessels last week. One of those boats was caught with a drunken operator.

It is legal to drive a boat and drink if you're under the legal limit, but deputies are warning everyone to be extra careful.

"In the hot weather, you're most likely to drink more and drink more rapidly and the effects of the alcohol can become onset sooner than what you expect if you were out there," said Butte County Sheriff, Kory Honea.

Honea said with the low water levels at Lake Oroville they are seeing a higher volume of people heading to the Forebay Aquatic Center.

The sheriff said his department has increased staff for the 4th of July holiday and they will be out at both Lake Oroville and the Forebay.

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