Leaders ‘Take 10' to promote childhood literacy

Take 10 Do It Again

REDDING, Calif. - Dozens of community leaders took time out to read to young children in Shasta County for the "Take 10 and Do it Again" campaign.

The campaign was created jointly by the Shasta Early Literacy Program and First 5 Shasta.

The community reading event is designed to help families read with their young children to help nurture literacy skills and build strong reading habits.

Community leaders read to hundreds of children at Head Start Centers, preschools, kindergartens, community medical centers, and libraries.

The slogan, "Take 10 and Do It Again" encourages families to read to children for at least twenty minutes a day.

Many familiar faces on KRCR News Channel 7 joined in the program, including  anchor Mike Mangas.

Mangas not only read to preschoolers, but was acting principal for the day at Manzanita Elementary School in West Redding.

The book of choice highlighted how a young child's imagination can run away at night and conjure up scary monsters under the bed or in the closet.

Mike Mangas was joined by reigning Citizen of the Year and retired KRCR General Manager Doreeta Domke.

Mangas saw another co-worker there, Chief Meteorologist Mike Kreuger, who was with his son Aiden.

After that, Mangas mastered sitting on an exercise ball, at the request of some students.

Manzanita Elementary School Cindy Anderson said the desire to learn, and to teach, is a necessary passion.

"The passion is huge at this site, not only this site, but in every school I've ever been in. If you're in education, you have that passion, and we all do."

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