Leadership Redding class learns about the media

Leadership Redding class tours television station

REDDING, Calif. - A new class of Leadership Redding got to learn about television for Art, Culture and Communication Day.

Once a month, the 230 members of the class of 2014 spend a day exploring a different facet of Redding including government and law enforcement.

Thursday was Art, Culture, and Communication Day.

Several groups got to ask News Channel 7 anchor Mike Mangas questions.

One student in the class, Julie DePrada, said she was amazed by what she learned.

"I see all the great things that are coming forward and it makes me want to come forward too, with great ideas," DePrada said. "I love Leadership Redding; it has made such a difference in my own life."

More than 600 students have graduated Leadership Redding since it started in 1985.

This year's class graduates next month. Next year's class is already full.

It's not free; tuition runs around $650 dollars.

KRCR News Channel 7's Marketing and Promotions Coordinator Megan Akers was also there.

After the small group sessions KRCR News Director and Anchor Jennifer Scarborough and Record Searchlight Editor Silas Lyons talked to the group about the direction media is heading.

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