Lime shortage turns bar owners green

REDDING, Calif. - Some little green fruits are leaving a sour taste in the mouths of some Redding area bar owners.

A lime shortage is driving prices way up across the country.  Bar owners in the Northstate have reported up to a 350 percent increase.  One bar says limes jumped from $6 or $7 for a bag of about 25 to more than $20 for the same bag.

Others have reported limes costing up to $1 for each individual fruit.  In addition the quality of the limes has greatly decreased.

"Sometimes people make comments because the limes are dry," says Chrystal Scott, a bartender at the Rusty Nail in Redding.  "They're not getting as much from them."

Several bars in Redding say that even though the limes are costing up to 25 cents per slice they have yet to raise prices. 

They say that they're hoping to weather the storm and that the little sour fruit will get cheaper later this year. 

Owners say it will mean slimmer profit margins but that if things get better within a month or two they won't have to raise prices.  It's either that or be more conservative on lime usage.

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