Lions All-Star football teams meet for first time

Lions All-Star football teams meet for first time

Although the 37th Annual Lions All-Star football game is still more than two months away, players and coaches gathered together at Butte College on Sunday to get a jump on getting to know each other.

Players and coaches from all over Northern California descended on Butte County to get information about how the teams will be run and what kind of condition they're expected to be in by game time on July 19.

The Lions All-Star events include two games, one pitting 11-man teams against each other, the other with 8-man teams going head to head. Each game will see a North squad and a South squad.

More than anything, Sunday's draft and banquet was a chance for players and coaches who have competed against each other to start bonding.

"These guys knocked heads against each other forever and now they're going to be a team together so that's kind of cool," said North 11-man coach Greg Grandell, whose counterpart for the South is coach Dan Ward of Winters High School.

Hayfork High School's Anthony Cattaneo, who will play on the 8-man South team, echoed coach Grandell's statement.

"I think it'll be cool to see the tables turn and try to instead of being enemies, try to come together and beat the teams that beat us," Cattaneo said. "I'm very excited I love meeting new people."

And Cattaneo knows they have a lot of work to do to prepare.

"We're definitely going to have to whip back into shape over the summer."

Taking the reigns of the 8-man North squad is Chris Ballard of Dunsmuir High, and the South will be led by Brian Lex of Princeton High School.

Teams will meet back up for a week's worth of practice on July 13th.

The 37th Annual Lions All-Star Game kicks off July 19th at Shasta College.

More information about the game and events can be found online.

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