Local businesses help catch Tobacco N' Brew vandals

REDDING, Calif. - The Tobacco N' Brew store in Redding was vandalized over the weekend, but thanks to the eyes and ears of the local businesses, the vandals were caught about 15 minutes later.

They had broken a window, seemingly in an attempt to break into the store.

Workers at Tobacco N' Brew said they have had five break-ins this year. They said that they are thankful for the businesses that helped them catch this weekend's vandals and are now working hard to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

"Without our crime watch here and the community working together we wouldn't be able to have this type of activity stopped," said Tobacco N' Brew Owner Shelley Levy. "We need to continue working together as a community and businesses."

Although nothing was stolen, the cost to replace the broken glass door is $1,000.

They said they will continue to have crime watch meeting to come up with new ideas to stop crime around their area.

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