Local Organizations Clear Brush, Improve River Trail

REDDING, Calif. - Redding's trails are great, but sometimes they need some work.

On Wednesday about 20 people came out to improve the Palatine Trail in West Redding.

Randy Smith said the trail had several things wrong with it even after it was constructed, making this work much more important than basic maintenance.

During the summer, Smith said these slopes are dangerous fire hazards.

Although the steep slope was maintained when the railroad was there, it hasn't been touched by anyone since and constructing the trail may have actually made the slope worse.

Back when the trail was constructed, the material cut from the trail was left and just thrown to the side.

The intended cleanup never happened, leaving a dangerous fire ladder only a few feet from a whole neighborhood.

Because of this, the Redding Rotary Club, Sierra Club, Shasta Land Trust and Redding Police Department all got together to help spruce it up.  They are clearing the brush on the side of the trail in order to reduce the fire risk.

Some estimate the total work time to be around two weeks.

The hillsides are very steep and poison oak is a constant threat.  But volunteers say that it is all part of the fun.

At the end of the day, the work speaks for itself.  They cleared much of the extra brush and even improved the views of the Sacramento River.

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