Local programing will not be available on Dish Network

REDDING, Calif. - Due to ongoing negotiations Dish Network subscribers will lose access to KRCR, KAEF, KCVU, KBVU and MyTV's  local programming Sunday Dec. 8, 2013.

We along with executives at Dish Network are working in good faith to reach an agreement. But unfortunately there will be an interruption of service until an agreement is reached.

There are many other options for our viewers to receive our programming, including through the other satellite distributor, DirecTV, and through cable distributors.  Our programming is also available free, over-the-air to viewers.  Most viewers can receive the over-the-air signal by hooking up a small indoor antenna to their television set.

There is the potential that this could be a long interruption of service.We are working earnestly to resolve this matter.

Our stations purchase the programming that airs across our signals at a great expense. We pay extensive fees to ABC for programming as well for our syndicated programs.

Our stations pay a fee to our network for every subscriber that DISH Network has in our direct marketing area whether they watch us or not.

The payments we are requesting from DISH are small. What we are requesting from DISH amounts to a few pennies a day per subscriber.  It is less than 20% of what DISH subscribers are paying for ESPN.

Adequate compensation for our programming is a matter of survival for local television stations.

Like many other local broadcasters, we are a small company caught between the big networks who are demanding and extracting large payments for our affiliation with them, and multi-billion dollar distributors like DISH who do not want to pay reasonable amounts for the programming we provide.  Advertising revenues are not enough.  Unless we are able to receive proper compensation, we will not be able to survive.

This is the first time in Bonten's history that we have not been able to come to an agreement with a cable or satellite distributor.

We have negotiated dozens of these agreements over the years and have always been able to come to agreeable terms with our distributors.

We are working to come to an agreement with DISH.

We know this is an inconvenience to our viewers.  We will do everything within reason to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.  We must, however, achieve an agreement that helps to secure the viability of our stations.

We at Bonten California don't want you to miss your favorite shows and programing so here is a list of alternate sources:

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