Local school delivers training required for law enforcement

Local school delivers training required for law enforcement

REDDING, Calif -
The Institute of Technology's Criminology Emergency Response Management program says that constant training is required while being a part of law enforcement. Their criminology program gets their students ready for any scenario that they may face in the future.

Todd Larson, an adjunct instructor at the Institute of Technology, and a retired Shasta County sheriff's deputy said its crucial for anyone in law enforcement to have situational awareness and pay close attention to every situation.

"They have to look at their safety as number one because that's the only thing that allows them to protect the public," said Larson.

Larson said in his many years in law enforcement ,he's learned that it's important to never assume that an incident will end up a certain way. Larson said sometimes events can escalate and then de-escalate, and in some events it's important to think things through before making a decision.

Officers also get experience using tools that are used in real life situations, like using a stun gun or pepper spray.

Anderson Police Officer Casey Day, is also an instructor at the Institute of Technology. Day said its important to know what tools you're using out on the field.

"You are now faced with being able to keep yourself safe, survive and in essence fight through in a defensive manner or course," said Day.

"We teach them a good foundation, good tactics to utilize while out in the field and how to survive while in the field," said CERM Program Director, Michael Duggan.

For more information about the program, you can go to or call (530) 224-1000.


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