Local teens use spring break to volunteer at House of Hope

Local teens use spring break to volunteer at House of Hope

REDDING, Calif. - Many local groups are using their spring break to do some volunteering. Redding Christian High School's Rotary Interact Club, along with the Neighborhood Church of Redding and the Boy Scouts chose to spend their spring break volunteering at the House of Hope.

Natalie Verhoog is the vice president of the club and she said the group was looking for a place to volunteer so they contacted House of Hope.

"They showed us this room and told us, well this is our family room and I was like wow, we can really do something with this and really make a difference," Verhoog said.

The group collected money that was donated by parents and members from the community along with donated paint  from Cascade Paint.

And they wasted no time in working on a room that will be known as the "creative room" where mothers will be able to read to their children and watch movies.

The group also went out of its way to ask the children what they'd like to see in their new creative room.

"They told us we want games, we don't like these movies, we want a coat rack to hang our coats," Verhoog said. "Just really simple things that they wanted that we wouldn't of thought of."

Outside the building Neighborhood Church members and the Boy Scouts worked together digging to make way for a vegetable garden.

Good News Rescue Mission Executive Director Cesar Partida said the mission and the program wouldn't be able to prosper without their volunteers since they contribute so much.

"Because of the generosity of people giving us their time time were able to do so much more," Partida said.

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