REDDING, Calif. -

A Redding tween is about to go up against the country's best tennis players.

Daniel deLeon is ranked fourth in the USTA Norcal 12 and under division. It means only three players are ranked higher from as far south as Fresno all the way up to Oregon.

deLeon is about to take that ranking to some of best in the west when he competes in the USTA National Zonal Team Championships in Tucson, Arizona at the end of July.

Daniel plays at Riverview Country Club in Redding. He's coached by club pro, Jack Thompson. Thompson says, he's {Daniel} the first junior from Redding to ever be selected for the tournament and will be the second ranked player for Northern California."

Daniel's tennis career started about six years ago. He trains six days a week for about four hours and says the North State heat is what puts him ahead of the competition, saying, "I feel like if I can adapt to the heat I can adapt to any weather, I like the heat better than the cold."

While the prize this month is the getting the number one ranking on the Norcal National Team, a college scholarship is next on Daniel's radar.