Around $300,000 Worth of Walnuts Stolen

POSTED: 6:08 PM Oct 29 2012

Two truck loads of walnuts valued at around $300,000 never made it to their destinations.

The truckload of walnuts was picked up at Crain Walnuts in Los Molinos. The two loads were going to two different destinations -- one to Miami, Flor., the other to San Antonio, Tex.

Each truckload carried around 42,000 lbs. of unprocessed nuts.

The Tehama County Sheriff's Office said that the first load of walnuts was picked up by a driver with a Russian accent driving a white semi tractor and trailer on Oct. 19.

That description is said to also fit the driver that picked up the Texas load on Oct. 23. A check with the trucking company contracted by the purchaser of the walnuts showed that the driver and truck did not match the description of those who were hired to transport them.

The suspect is said to be 6'2", around 198 lbs. and has a Russian accent. Police are investigating.