Redding, Calif. -

Redding has seen a big increase in bicyclists this year. 

According to Healthy Shasta, the number of cyclists rose 16% in 2012 when compared to 2011.

Healthy Shasta said most of increase is due to Redding’s expansion of bike lanes and paths.

The recent addition of the Bechelli trail and Sharrow, as well as several bike lanes around Redding, have increased the ability for cyclists to safely travel in and around the city.

Studies show that more biking and walking paths are actually better for businesses than extra parking because walkers and bikers are more likely to stop and shop than drivers.

Redding City Council has taken steps to keep the bicyclist growth going.  On Tuesday night, City Council accepted a $40,000 grant from CalTrans to connect the city's downtown to the Sacramento River Trail.