WILLOWS, Calif. -

Two Willows volunteers are making an effort to get rid of two species of birds at city parks.  They plan to work as bird harassers.

Alan Schauer and Mike Roberts are volunteering their time by going out three times a day to scare away the Snowy Egret and Night Heron from nesting in city trees.

Schauer goes around with a hammer and other tools to get the birds out of the trees.  Schauer claims the bird's droppings and bird carcasses are ruining Willows city parks.

"I want to get rid of them because I'm a bird guy and my brother almost died from one of these diseases from these birds," said Schauer.

Schauer encourages everyone in Willows to call their bird hotline if they see these kinds of birds.  The number is (530) 934-1501.