REDDING, Calif. -

The cold weather has made it tough for many people to get out of their houses in the morning, but it is even more difficult for the hundreds without homes.

Redding’s homeless are bearing the full brunt of the wind and cold.

The Good News Rescue Mission, the only shelter open in Redding, provided a warm bed and hot food for 200 people last night. 

During the winter, the mission allows people to stay in the dining hall while temperatures are below forty degrees or while it’s raining.

They provide free meals and hot water for coffee when the temperatures dip close to freezing.

The shelter’s busiest months are January, February and March – the coldest of the year.

The Good News Rescue Mission is the only shelter open now because the Red Cross can’t just set up a shelter whenever they want to.  They need a county or city government, or PG&E to request that a shelter be created.

Red Cross officials said they are eager to set up any extra shelters when there is a need for them, but that even when there is a need, people rarely ever show up.