Driver Crashes Into Home, Takes Off

POSTED: 1:36 PM Jan 30 2013   UPDATED: 12:42 AM Jan 23 2013
Driver Crashes Into Home, Takes Off
REDDING, Calif. -

Redding Police is trying to track down a driver who smashed his truck into a home and then took off.

It happened about 8:35 Tuesday night on West and Roanoke streets.

Jordan Delorato, who lives on West street and above the crash site, told KRCR News Channel 7, "The driver was traveling very fast down West street and made a left turn before reaching Roanoke. The truck took out a boulder and then slammed into the home's side."

Nathaniel Smith and Jenessa Crittenden are brother and sister, and live in the home that was hit with their uncle, Jenessa's two kids, and several family pets. "I was doing first we thought it was an earthquake," said Crittenden.

The mother of two said she went to see if the driver was okay after the crash and said, "<He>Turned around and flipped me off...took off towards woods or whatever."

Jordan Delorato tried running after the suspect saying, "After trying to chase him for a bit he wound up by the hospital and hopefully the cops can go to his house and pick him up later."
Delorato said the suspect was a white man, about six feet tall and 215 pounds. He was wearing a grey sweatshirt and jeans. Check back for updates.