REDDING, Calif. -

The California Highway Patrol is looking for a hit-and-run driver in Shasta County.

The driver crashed through a fence on Churn Creek Road near Anderson just after 2:30 on Friday morning.

The fence was knocked over, along with some trees and shrubbery.

The man who lives at the home wanted to remain anonymous, but said the driver pleaded with him to not call police because he'd been drinking.

He said he was jolted awake because his dogs were barking like crazy. He got up and went outside with a spotlight. That's when he said he saw a car in the yard.

He said his gates are pad-locked, so he figured it must have been a crash.

By the time he made his way outside, he said there was a second car trying to get the crashed car out of the yard. The first car even ran over the fence again to get back on the road, but it broke down within 50 ft.

The homeowner said the driver then started asking him not to call police because he said he was on parole for a felony charge.

He said he just tried to keep his distance.

"I saw the car in the yard. It was a little shocking. I was waking my wife up, telling her and she was like what do you mean, what are you talking about," said the homeowner. "Immediately, my first concern, of course, is safety for the kids and so that's why I didn't want to get involved."

The homeowner said the driver and his friends eventually took off, leaving the crashed car behind. CHP ended up towing it off the road.

Officers said the car was not stolen and the owner told them it was most likely taken and driven by a grandson.

The homeowner called us Friday evening and said the driver's father stopped by to apologize for what happened. He also offered to pay for the damage.