Effects of Budget Cuts Hit Northstate

POSTED: 6:31 PM Mar 19 2013
Whiskeytown Lake
REDDING, Calif. -

Federal budget cuts are taking a toll, and monetary constraints are costing campgrounds at Whiskeytown Lake.

Six jobs will be lost at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area.  all of these jobs are already vacant. There are 22 positions that may be subject to furloughs.

Overall the park lost about five percent of their budget, or about $216,000. This deficit is already on top of a three percent cut last year.

Four campgrounds are now closed until further notice:

Two picnic areas are also closing:

The Visitor Center's extended hours will be cancelled until further notice this summer.

The cuts will also reduce the revenue the organization normally gets from recreation fees,  which in the long run will make it more difficult to make upgrades to the park.