The Giants' 2012 World Series victory celebration was marred by riots late Sunday night and into Monday morning.

I was there to watch a city go from celebrating to chaos.

Sunday night started with thousands of fans gathering to watch game 4 on a jumbotron, which was set up outside City Hall.

Fans erupted in joy, screaming and yelling as if they were in Detroit, which is about 2400 miles away. The celebration that followed quickly took a turn for the worst.

I saw folks overtake a Muni bus near the Civic Center. The bus' driver was trapped inside until he got word to get out.

Jeffrey is how he identified himself. I asked him if he was scared. He told me, quote, "Hell yeah!"  

The events that followed made stomachs turn.

I shot I-Phone video just outside AT&T Park around Midnight, which showed fire fighters putting out bonfires and Police officers fending off glass bottles that were being thrown at them.

The San Francisco newspaper, "San Francisco Chronicle" reports 36 people were arrested.

The hope is behavior will be much less violent come Wednesday for the official parade.