Flu Season Spreads to 41 States

POSTED: 3:49 PM Jan 08 2013   UPDATED: 3:51 PM Jan 08 2013

Flu season is here and it is hitting the country hard. According to the latest Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, the flu has now spread to 41 states.

We talked to a local doctor in Redding, Dr. Michael Jorde, who gave some simple yet effective tips.

The one thing Dr. Jorde said to always remember is to wash your hands. According to Jorde, it is easy to catch germs from touching things.

The flu shot is also recommended. Dr. Jorde, said that studies have proven that the flu shot is effective.

For those who have a hard time staying at home when they feel sick, Dr. Jorde has some advice.

“Be smart; be rested. When you’re tired and not doing well and run down, get some rest,” he said. “Instead of going out, go get your sleep get your rest. That’s huge! Stay in shape. Exercise its great for the immune system.Those are the big factors.”