Homeless Man Kicked Off Church Property By Police

POSTED: 3:38 PM Jan 07 2013   UPDATED: 3:49 PM Jan 07 2013

A homeless man seeking shelter on the Pilgrim Congregational Church’s property was removed from the premises—not by the church—but by Redding police.

Reverend Ann Corrin knew that the homeless man had been staying in a tent near the bushes on church grounds for about six months. Because he didn’t bother anyone, the church let him stay.

He would joke around and call himself the “night watchman”. That changed on Saturday when Redding Police red-tagged the area, which typically means that the grounds are not inhabitable.

According to Corrin, they told the homeless man to leave of the property without contacting the church. Corrin said she does not understand why they would not contact her first.

“I don’t want it to be construed that the church does [this kind of thing], people in the Unitarian church know him from the years past,” Corrin said. “He’s just a human being who right now is living outside.”

We contacted Redding Police to ask what the protocol is and we are still waiting for a response.