Law Enforcement Bulks Up to Prepare for Chico's Halloween Festivities

POSTED: 5:50 PM Oct 25 2012   UPDATED: 7:00 PM Oct 25 2012
CHICO, Calif. -

As Halloween creeps closer and closer in Chico, the city’s police department and the Butte County Sheriff are beefing of the size of their forces in preparation for parties and possible crime.

The Butte County Sheriff said it is adding five deputy sheriffs and one extra sergeant to its worse from Oct. 27-31. The additional staff will work between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. each night to control the sometimes chaotic Chico party scene.

Halloween Comes to Chico, Law Enforcement Prepares

Chico State senior Anna Fairman said she has decided that after three years of attending Halloween parties in Chico, she will leave town this year.

“It just gets really crazy down here,” Fairman said, “I just don’t like dealing with all the crime and all the people.”

Chico Glass Ban Begins This Weekend

Students says that crime has not been as bad at Halloween in the years following the 2008 Halloween riots, in which several hundred students gathered near 5th St. and Ivy, hurling projectiles and setting a couch on fire after police broke up a party.