Man Stabbed Over A Cat

POSTED: 12:13 AM Jan 29 2013
CORNING, Calif. -

Tehama CountyA woman is accused of stabbing her husband while in an argument over a cat. It happened January 27th on McClane Avenue in Corning.

Mary Oconner, 55, pulled out a folding blade pocket knife to stab her husband Patrick Oconner, 46. Tehama Sheriff's office tells us the stabbing broke out after an argument over a cat.

Mr. Oconner was stabbed in the neck and arm. The stab wound on Patrick's neck nicked his carotid artery. He was able to run away from the scene even with his bloody wounds. Mr. Oconner then called 911. Later, Mr. Oconner was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.

His wife, Mary, was arrested, charged with attempted homicide and booked into the Tehama County Jail. Her bail was set at $500,000.