RED BLUFF, Calif. -

Since Marysa Nichols first disappeared last week, roommates Mike Hency and Eddie Ouellette said they followed the case closely through Facebook, and when they first saw surveillance video of the wanted suspect, they immediately knew who it was.

Hency and Oullette said the man in the surveillance video was Quentin Bealer, 39. Both men were previous friends of Bealer, who said he would occasionally stay the night in a shed behind their home, but did not permanently live at the residence.

Quentin Bealer, 39

Hency said that Bealer stayed at their home the night Marysa was reported missing.

After surveillance footage was released, both roommates immediately began searching for Bealer around town. When they found Bealer wandering around the high school, Hency confronted him about the surveillance video, but Bealer denied it was him.

After Hency confronted him about the clothing he was wearing in the surveillance video, he finally confessed.

Hency said, "I was like, those are your red shorts, that's my hoodie, and that's my baseball hat. And he said, 'yeah that's me.'"

Hency and Ouellette asked Bealer what he was doing in the area around the time of the disappearance,

"I asked him why he was cutting through the high school at 11:30 a.m. and he said to me that he was going to court" said Ouellette. That's contrary to what Bealer told another friend though, that he went to the field to pick up a stolen ATV.

Search site where Marysa was found

Seeing things didn't add up, Hency and Ouellette decided to take things into their own hands.

"I told him either you're going to walk with me down to the police department, or I'm going to have the police come and pick you up. It's better to have me walk you there and not be in handcuffs."
On Monday, the two men said they were shocked and angry. They said Bealer recently went through a divorce, lost his job and just got out of jail.

"He seemed a little stressed out most of the time that I did see him, besides that, everything seemed to be normal" said Ouellette.

Marysa's iPod

Red Bluff Police said they are looking for information about two things seen the surveillance video, the pair of red shorts and an iPod that Marysa had the day she disappeared.

If you have any information or tips, contact the Red Bluff Police Department.