Missing Piece of Artwork Returned to Redding Couple

POSTED: 5:38 PM Oct 09 2012   UPDATED: 6:30 PM Oct 09 2012
REDDING, Calif. -

A missing piece of artwork was returned to the yard of Elin Klaseen and Bob Prokop on Saturday after it was stolen on Sept. 29.

Prokop says his wife spent $300 building the sphere and the couple has displayed it in their yard for the past five years.

After the disappearance of the art, Klaseen asked her neighbors if they had any idea what happened to the sphere.

Eventually, one of the neighbor’s sons stepped forward to say they had seen the sphere in his neighbor’s yard in Anderson. Then, the art reappeared in its original spot on Saturday.

“We’re so pleased that it’s back now,” said Prokop.