Northstate Gas Prices Jump 25 Cents in One Week

POSTED: 7:17 AM Feb 05 2013   UPDATED: 7:30 AM Feb 05 2013
Gas Price photo
REDDING, Calif. -

Gas prices have spiked in the last week.  In Chico, prices are up 25 cents in one week to $3.77 a gallon.  In Redding, prices are up 24 cents in the last week to $3.83.  The statewide average for California is $3.93.  The national average is $3.53.

That adds up to a big chuck of your annual income.  Americans are pumping about four percent of their incomes into buying gasoline.     The energy department says U.S. households spent an average of just over $2,900 on gasoline last year.  That's the highest level in four years.

The percentage reached similar levels in 2008, when a red-hot global economy and panic over dwindling supplies sent gas prices through the roof.