CHICO, Calif. -

A handful of signs that say "Don't Believe in God, Join the Club" have been popping up all over the city of Chico, causing a bit of controversy just before the holidays.

The billboards mark the formal launch of the Butte County Coalition, an organization whose message is that folks who are non-believers can gain community with other non-believers without fear.

George Gold is the coordinator for the Butte County Coalition, which has decided to put up a dozen or so $3,800 billboards around Chico.

They are now posted in popular spots across the city including Main St., the corner of First St. and Walnut St., on Cohasset Rd. near the airport and on the Skyway near Honey Run Rd.

Gold teamed up with atheists of Butte County, Chico Skeptics and the Secular Student Alliance from Chico State and spent the last seven months trying to get the coalition off the ground.

Gold was asked as to whether it was purely coincidence that the billboards went up right before Christmas. He said that this was the only time the billboard space was available.