Protesters Picket Wal-Mart Claiming Animal Abuse

POSTED: 9:53 AM Apr 02 2013   UPDATED: 12:00 AM Apr 02 2013

A giant inflatable pig was on display outside the Wal-Mart on Dana Drive in Redding on Monday. 

It was there as part of a protest by Mercy for Animals, an animal advocacy group based out of LA.

The protest today was about alleged poor conditions in pig farms that Wal-Mart buys pork from.

Mercy for Animals hopes to raise awareness for what they claim is the pigs suffering and to get Wal-Mart to change where they get their pork from.

By changing the housing practices the protesters claim Wal-Mart may even save money.  They cite an Iowa State study from 2007 which says group housing for pigs is 11% less expensive than their current practices.

The protesters will head out to continue their nationwide protest in San Jose and Bakersfield.