On Tuesday evening, the Redding School District Board Of Trustees rejected a damage claim against the district.

A homeowner claims water overflow from Manzanita Elementary School caused $60,000.00 in damage to her property on Monte Bello Drive in Redding.  Ramona Larramendy’s property is directly behind the elementary school.  Larramendy submitted her claim in December of 2012, and addressed the board on Tuesday evening. 

Larramendy says modifications to the school’s campus have increased water runoff, making the drainage system inadequate.  However, the Redding School District’s Superintendent Rick Fauss disagrees.

“Flooding has occurred in this neighborhood for a number of years and we have been here long before the neighbors, this school was long before and the houses were built around it,” says Mr. Fauss.  “We unclog the drains as we need and do what we can to mitigate any flooding or clogging of the drain we do that routinely.”

The board went with the recommendation from the district’s insurance company to reject Larramendy’s claim.

Larramendy says she does plan on taking legal action against the Redding School District.