Service Held for the Oldest Known Blackhorse Trooper

POSTED: 6:00 PM Oct 18 2012
IGO, Calif. -

The oldest known Blackhorse trooper has passed away at 95 years of age.

A military funeral was held for him today at the Veteran's Cemetery in Igo.

Andy Andreasen joined the regiment in 1934 as a horse cavalryman and was with them when they made the transition to armored cars.

He was even one of the first crew members to try the regiment's first armored car.

Once Andreasen finished his time in the military, he moved back to his hometown of Dunsmir. He spend the last years of his life in Redding before passing away on Oct. 5.

Jack Morris, the assistant state captain of the Patriot Guard Riders said that giving him proper military honors would be the best way to pay tribute to the former cavalryman's life.

"This gentleman passed away without family also, so we become his family. We're not only his family, but he served this country. He took the oath," Morris said. "He spent 18 years in the military defending this country and I think that is a wonderful thing to do."

Several of Andreasen's friends were at the service and said that he was a "character" who lived and breathed military. Andreasen had photographs and a unit collection with more than 650 items.

His military memorabilia are now on display at the Veteran's Museum on Meadow View Dr. in Redding.